The Jesus Uncensored Project - Privacy Policy

Why do you ask for my phone number and email address?
Will you rent them out?

We understand that some people are sensitive about giving out their email address and phone number.  Jesus Uncensored or Faith Alive Christian Center will only contact you by phone regarding your donation. We would like to send you email featuring information about our latest project from time to time. If you do not want contacts by email, we will gladly remove you from our list if you request us to do so.

Any information given will not be shared with any third party, ever.

What can I do to protect my security and confidentiality?

We are committed to protecting the security and confidentiality of your information. We will never request your credit card information unless you are donating or placing an order (online, by phone, fax or mail). Because thieves have been known to create copycat websites with names similar to reputable sites, in order to lure folks into divulging their personal information, we urge you make sure that you typed the correct website address before enter your information online.

Will you publicly display any of my personal information
related to this project?

This depends totally on you. As a private donor, business donor, or ministry donor, you have the option of having your name displayed on our website. We will never post any such information without written consent from you.